Telstra Business Womens Awards 2011

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Telstra Business Womens Awards 2011

Today I had the pleasure of attending the Telstra Business Womens Awards in South Australia. Unfortunately it turns out I don’t fit the requirements, however my colleague does.

Kristy Megaw, Facilities and Procurement Manager at Harris Scarfe, does fit the requirements.

Kristy like myself has been with HS for quite a while, 7ish years I believe. She worked her way through the business entering as an analyst and eventually becoming an operations leader. I don’t think Kristy believed in herself very much, but everyone else did, resulting in her being nominated for a prestigious award.

I am very thankful to Kristy for letting me be a part of it.

The award ceremony was incredible, the calibre of the nominees was outstanding. It was great to see Women being acknowledged for their significant contribution to business, I wa a little disappointed that a separate event is needed, but that’s just the way the world is – but is rapidly changing. I think having a womens event invites a bit of competition and some of the male business leaders in Adelaide have some tough competition!

Unfortunately Kristy didn’t come away with the award, with Theressa Hines the Global Environment, Health and Safety Manager for Electrolux taking home the award in Kristy’s category. Through the whole event you could see Kristy was excited, but still had signs of self doubt. Hopefully in the weeks to come that doubt will are as she receives acknowledgement from many for the distinction of just being nominated.

Well done Kristy, you truly are an inspirational business person, a great colleage and a true friend.



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