To blog, or not to blog?

Posted by Andrew McGiffert |20 Oct 10 | 0 comments

I have been thinking for a while on this question,

‘To blog, or not to blog, that is the question’.

For quite sometime I have been somewhat opposed to blogs, I have found them a little bit ridiculous and thinking to myself, who cares? But while the cogs have been turning I have realized a few things, a blog is really just a modern day journal, it’s a collection of thoughts, experiences and pondering. But does anyone else care, why not just keep a notebook of random scribblings. After doing a bit of wandering around the information super highways of the web I realized, there may actually be people interested in my random non sensical scribblings. There are a few blogs around that I read, other business leaders who give up some of their experiences and leanings to the web, maybe I could do that to.

But do people care?

Short answer no, long answer yes. There may be some people out there who once like me are it starting out in OHS, wondering what it’s like to be in a safety managers shoes, what Uni courses offer from a student perspective, and what opportunities are out there. I certainly don’t think I am at any level to be educating anyone, but perhaps someday.

One of they key reasons to blog, for myself. To be able to go back over life events and review, and one day for someone else to review.

The answer,

To blog.



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