Emergency Warden Training

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As a part of my process developing emergency procedures for Harris Scarfe I conducted a training needs analysis to determine the knowledge and training required by personnel to effectively carry out the plan. As ‘Fire Warden Training’ can be very generic I created a specialized training package suited to the organisations environment.

I developed a comprehensive, fun and easy to use training package modeled on the AQTF package for ‘public safety’, this course would likely satisfy three units if accreditation were sought – however this was not required by the organization. The package contains a participant workbook, facilitators guide, annotated emergency procedures manual, powerpoint side show, example forms for activities, evaluation forms and guidance for conducting a practical live fire assessment.

Example page of contents from the participant workbook

Example page of text within the participant workbook

Example activity page from the participant workbook

Example page from the facilitators guide

Example slides from the session presentation