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After reviewing the Harris Scarfe’s OHS induction materials I endeavored to create a new and exciting system for safety inductions which would appeal to the majority of the workforce. I found many induction methods to be outdated, insufficient or non cost effective. I sought to create my own solution, I reviewed requirements under each states legislation and industry best practice I developed the ‘OHS Learning Guide’, providing easy to understand information to new employees about health and safety, including common working practices.

The Learning Guide formed a part of my greater plan to develop an engaging induction program that would appeal to workers whilst ensuring compliance with legislative responsibilities surrounding instruction, training and supervision.

The Guide was written by myself, a part of my writing process included surveys of employees to ascertain the ‘frequently asked questions’ to ensure the material covered the ‘need to know’..

Initially a run of 2000 booklets was completed, in order to ‘re-induct’ all existing employees of the business. The booklet was created using Adobe InDesign which I was able to utilise very well. Formatting was completed by myself and I was assisted by Dridgett Design for the booklets colour scheme, sizing and other design elements.