Loss Prevention /

Within my role as Asset Protection Analyst at Harris Scarfe I spent the majority of my time investigating incidents of internal dishonesty. This was achieved through the analysis of register transaction records, covert closed circuit television surveillance and monitoring of employee behaviour. As a result of my investigations I was responsible for interviewing over 20 employees across four states for internal dishonesty. Extensive information was gathered before interviewing any employee, including statements from witnesses and behavioural patterns via CCTV. A brief of evidence was compiled for all cases including detailed summaries and statements, prepared to a standard acceptable in court and for use by Police prosecution. All cases investigated resulted in dismissal or resignation.

Following on from my investigation experience within loss prevention I was regularly called on to investigate cases of credit card fraud, committed by persons using ‘store cards’.

I was called on to act as an impartial investigator by the General Manager of Public and Industrial Relations in industrial issues.

As the organisations OHS manager my skills in this area were utilised to conduct thorough post incident investigations involving injury to employees, contractors or visitors.