National Emergency Procedures

System development /

In order for an organization to respond to/and recover from an emergency detailed procedures are required.

Emergency procedures developed by myself for Harris Scarfe were modeled on the information set out in Australian Standard: 3745-2002 (Emergency control organization and procedures for buildings, structures and workplace). The procedures developed were written in a format that could be easily applied to an individual site by the Site Manager. Information to assist with the implementation 

of the procedures included:

  • How to appoint an emergency planning committee within the site;
  • The requirements of an emergency control organization;
  • How to modify the generic plans and procedures to better suit the site;
  • The role and authority of personnel while executing their duties; and
  • The requirements of education and training for personnel.

Detailed emergency response plans were developed following a risk assessment of various emergency situations and the impact they could have on life, property and operations.

To view general information and guidance on developing your own emergency management procedure view this post

As a part of the emergency planning process I was required to draw evacuation diagrams for the majority of Harris Scarfe’s worksites. Many of these sites did not have existing floor plans and I began by drafting plans. All documents were created using Adobe Illustrator.

I have since gone on to create evacuation diagrams compliant with QLD requirements and Australian Standards for Kmart. As well as providing a generic template to small / medium businesses for customisation.