Safety First Website

System development /

The ‘safety first’ website began as a personal project and soon became a new business initiative for Harris Scarfe. Over 8 months I designed and developed a ‘communication platform’ to provide all employees with information about health and safety within the organization. The site also provided management staff with access to policies, procedures and assists with general compliance requirements.

The site was live for two years until the organisation implemented a comprehensive intranet system, at which time the safety website was merged into the overall network. Until this time the site was publically available to ensure employees could access it anywhere at anytime.

The safety first site provides:

  • Checklists, forms and general guidance for Site Managers to use;
  • Working practices and general information for New Employees;
  • Processes, procedures, hazard guidance information for Health and Safety Representatives;
  • Guidelines and resources for OHS Committee members;
  • Policies, procedures and expectations for Contractors;
  • Updates and general safety news to all workers.