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On October 26th Adelaide hosted its first OHS Conference and Expo, run by the Safety Institute of Australia. I was honored to be invited to be a speaker at this inaugural event. I was asked to speak at the conference following a high commendation I was awarded with at the previous years SafeWork Awards. As a part of my award for a significant contribution to ohs as a manager I demonstrated some of the techniques and methods I had been using to change safety culture at Harris Scarfe. The conference organisers asked if I could speak on this further and provide attendees with some of my insights, learnings and hopefully answer some questions about my opinion on the use of social media in safety.

The presentation was well received and I was posed some fantastic questions. As a Generation Y myself I believe safety needs to shift with the future or be left behind, this means embracing online tools to better engage workers. I was able to provide attendees with some solid facts, figures and ideas they could take back to their own organisations to jump on the technological wave.