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An internal flyer for the workshop

At Harris Scarfe in 2010 I developed a training session for duty holders to provide them with essential information and the tools they needed to ensure a duty of care to their employees. I presented the two day session to over 50 persons in four sessions across Australia. The course was closely modeled on the Certificate IV OHS unit, ‘Monitor a Safe Workplace’ and incorporated requirements from AS4804 for OHS Management.

Prior to attending the workshop management members were asked to complete a ‘pre-audit’ of their worksites, this audit was designed to assist the managers in determining what areas they needed to focus in on and to ask questions. The pre-audit exercise was used as an ice breaker for the opening of the workshops.

Pre-audit template

A 100 page training resource, along with a facilitators guide were created to enable the course to be used on a long term basis. The training resource was written to enable the course to be completed by a manager who had not necessarily attended the course, with competence being demonstrated through completion of various activities throughout the book and assignments at the end of the workbook – in this way the booklet could be sent to new managers to provide them with appropriate information and training without needing to wait for the next face to face session.

Course materials were written in easy to understand language, aimed at supervisors, assistant managers and store managers within the organisation.

Subjects were supported by materials I created including videos, slides, and various group activities. Motivational promotional products were also created including safety ‘travel mugs’, ‘stress reliever hard hats’ and ‘pens’ with safety messages.

A full listing of the contents of the session can be viewed below:

An example activity from the workbook

Example text from the workbook

Listing of the session contents 1

Listing of the session contents 2