Coles Supermarkets objecting to paying workers comp on journey claims

Posted by Andrew McGiffert |18 Jan 13 | 1 comments

Coles Supermarkets objecting to paying workers comp on journey claims

One of the biggest chains of supermarkets has raised attention on ‘journey claims’, objecting to paying compensation claims to workers who were injured on their way to or from work in Queensland, citing that employers cannot control risks.

According to a Courier Mail report, Wesfarmers (Coles Owner) made a submission to a review of the state workers’ compensation scheme.

“As an employer we have no control over the risks that employees are subjected to when on a journey to and from work or whilst on a recess,” Wesfarmers wrote in their submission, on behalf of Coles which self-insures under Queensland’s scheme.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland also argued “Workers may at any time claim they are travelling to or from work and there is insufficient detail required under the legislation to prove otherwise,”.

Queensland Council of Unions president John Battams countered that journey claims represented only 6 per cent of overall compensation demands. He said many Queenslanders had to travel long distances to go to and from work. The union said journey claims were an “important safeguard.”

A Parliamentary committee is examining submissions and is due to report next month.

Queensland’s scheme is primarily funded and run by the State via the WorkCover, together with Q-COMP and Workplace Health and Safety Queensland.

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  • Cazare Bucuresti/ 04 Feb 13 @ 11:25 PM

    I cant believe people can still claim for the journey to and from work, I am glad that doesn’t exist where I am from, seems like it could be easily abused. Will be interesting to see if the government takes any action.