McDonalds latest to provide domestic violence leave to workers

Posted by Andrew McGiffert |01 Aug 13 | 0 comments

McDonald’s Australia’s updated enterprise agreement was certified by the Fair Work Commission this week. The new agreement supports employees who are dealing with domestic violence, allowing employees to access ‘unpaid domestic violence leave’ and flexible working arrangements.

McDonald’s Australia chief restaurant support officer Joanne Taylor said that given the demographic scale of the fast-food chain’s 90,000 Australian employees, it made sense.

“It’s [domestic violence leave] is something corporates need to make a decision on, based on the demographics of their workforce.” Both the workers’ union and the company are happy with the arrangement, she said.

Including a domestic violence leave clause is gaining traction, though is still not common practice. A variety of local councils, as well as Swinbourne University have put one in place. But more could be done, said White Ribbon chief executive Libby Davies.

McDonald’s is the latest corporate to realise domestic issues effect the productivity of their staff, and catering to the issue in the same way they would physical illness is good for their bottom lines, she said. Though ideally, “best-case scenario would be paid leave.”


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