SA lost more than 560,000 days of productivity due to claims in FY12

Posted by Andrew McGiffert |29 May 13 | 0 comments

It is in every South Australian businesses best interest to reduce workplace incidents and associated claims. South Australia lost more than 560,000 days of productivity due to workers compensation claims during FY12. SafeWork Australia’s 2012 numbers reveal South Australia has the highest average premium of any Australian jurisdiction, and the second highest incidence of long-term claims behind the ACT.

The average cost per claim exceeds $7,800 in South Australia, with 26,000+ claims costing the SA scheme over $200 million.
A greater focus on injury prevention, and better support to injured workers following an injury will not only reduce days lost and costs incurred by the scheme, but will also likely reduce the premium businesses pay.

WorkCoverSA’s Experience Rating System, introduced in July 2012, rewards medium and large employers with lower workers compensation premiums for good claims performance. Under the system, medium and large employer’s premiums are calculated using their size, the level of their industry’s risk and their individual claims experience.

“Medium and large employers make up less than 10% of employers registered with the South Australian Workers Compensation Scheme, yet they represent 75% of claim costs each year,” Mr McCarthy, Chief Executive Officer of WorkCoverSA recently said.

The State Opposition has wasted no time in pointing the finger at Labor Premier, Jay Weatherill.

“South Australia has the worst unfunded liability in the nation and the average WorkCover levy rate on business is double the national average,” the Opposition said in a statement.

“This is really a double whammy for South Australian businesses on Premier Weatherill’s watch,” said State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall.

“Not only do they lose business due to a loss in productivity, but they are dealing with a workers compensation scheme which is the worst performing in the nation. South Australia’s return to work rate is also the worst in the nation.”

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